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You can also visit and listen at Atching Tan on BBC Radio Suffolk’s website.

Gypsies, Romanies, Travellers listen to radio.  They listen to plays, the news and current affairs.  They listen as individuals, as families and in groups.

Radio is a fully inclusive and social medium and engages the imagination of all ages in stimulating, exciting and memorable ways.

Working with Gypsy, Romany, Traveller and non-Gypsy, Romany, Traveller volunteers, the Atching Tan project are writing and recording a radio series.  This is being done in conjunction with the BBC and is broadcast over BBC local radio, such as BBC Radios Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Kent, as is ever expanding to cover more counties as its popularity grows.  This series covers sensitive topics within Gypsy, Romany, Traveller and non-Gypsy, Romany, Traveller life, how they encounter each other, the barriers and the breakthroughs, and will appeal to all.

Romany Theatre Company’s Atching Tan will be on Radio 4’s Afternoon Play on Tuesday 23rd November at 2.15pm.  Please listen in if you can.

It would be great if you could feedback your comments to either the BBC feedback or message board links below. There is also a link to the Atching Tan BBC website page below too.

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