On 10 February 2011 we launched our education pack – Atching Tan: an educational journey into the world of Gypsies, Romanies, and Travellers.

We’re immensely proud of the pack and believe that it will be an incredibly valuable resource for helping children and young people across Key Stages 2 and 3 better understand the Traveller community.

It has been developed in conjunction with Travellers resident across East Anglia, as well as the expertise of the Traveller Education teams in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. We think that this means it offers the best of both worlds: it covers issues that are important to Travellers, but they are presented in a way that ties into the school curriculum.

There are nine key themes covered by the pack: identity; homes; travelling; education; work; entertainment; Romani; discrimination; and changes, hopes, and fears. Each theme has extensive teacher’s notes as well as suggested lesson activities, and supporting resources that range from audio recordings to photographs and poetry.

The lesson activities have been designed to be both fun and challenging with clear cross-curricular links. They include a mystery-solving task, a role-playing activity, and a story-telling project. The pack can be used to form a discrete scheme of work for citizenship, or be used to support individual lessons in subjects including drama, English, geography, and history.

The pack is available in hardcopy, although supplies are limited, or as a download here. It won’t cost anything, but we do ask that you give us some feedback!

Atching Tan: an educational journey into the world of Gypsies, Romanies, and Travellers downloadable version.